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Electrical installations, no matter how well they were originally installed, will naturally deteriorate over time with age and use. As deterioration takes place this can impact both performance and safety.

Because of this, it's very important to have your electrical installation inspected and tested at regular intervals.

As of June 2020, it's a legal requirement for landlords in England to have periodic inspection carried out in the properties they rent out every 5 years. Once this has been completed, you will be issued with an Electrical Condition Report, also referred to as an EICR.

What does inspection & testing check for

During our inspection and testing, we will check:

  • If any of your electrical circuits/equipment are overloaded
  • For any potential electric shock risks or fire hazards
  • For any defective electrical work
  • If there is a lack of earthing or bonding in any of your electrical installations. 

It's important that a fully qualified and highly trained electrical contractor carry out these works as they will have the necessary experience to do so. At Routley & Lemon, you can rest assured that our electricians are highly qualified and have over 47 years of experience.

It's important to note that inspection and testing isn't just useful for landlords. If you're a homeowner that's lived in a property that hasn't been tested or inspected in over 10 years, we recommend that you give us a call. 

We would say it's equally important to have an inspection take place before selling or buying a property that isn't new. 

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